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Bathroom REVIEWS

We've collected many testimonials over the years
but mostly our clients just smile!

Here are some words from people who managed to stop smiling long enough to put pen to paper. All photos are genuine shots of our actual work.

We found Steve via a Google search and asked him to quote for our conversion of a fourth bedroom into an en suite. We also asked some well-known Nottingham bathroom companies to quote too and not having any personal recommendations, we were cautious in our approach.

While all quotes were around a similar price, we awarded Steve the business for a range of reasons:

  • He was the most innovative in terms of design.
  • He thought outside the box, was aesthetically aware and sympathetic, and he provided 3D drawings each time we decided on a different approach so we could visualise the outcome (which was very helpful for me as I discovered I was very poor at visualising how a room would look after it had been worked on).
  • He was the most attentive in terms of materials. Steve brought lots of ideas to the table and popped over many times to deliver samples.
  • He was very responsive even though up to this point he had not secured the business. In contrast, the other companies left us alone for many weeks and when they did get in touch it was a phone call from an unknown salesperson.
  • He provided the most comprehensive estimate (of anyone I have ever known!). There was absolute transparency in terms of what you were paying for and what you would get and that made it easy to make decisions along the way.
  • He asked and worked to our budget rather than assuming anything.
  • He offered choice of products and materials. Some of the more well known companies insisted you purchase all fixtures and fittings from their range and we didn't necessarily want or like what they had to offer.

Although we wanted Steve to do the job, based on the above reasons, we were still hesitant at the point of awarding the contract because he was just one man and it was a big job with lots of different skills required: building, plumbing, tiling, joinery, plastering...

We asked Steve for some references and called some previous clients who all spoke of the quality of his workmanship and his exacting standards. And so we decided to go with Steve.

In hindsight, and now as one of the existing clients, we would wholeheartedly recommend Steve. He is punctual, reliable, hardworking, exacting, good company, and most of all, he did exactly what he promised and created a beautiful en suite for us to enjoy each and every day.

We already have plans for Steve to return to work on another bathroom and in fact, I would consider utilising his skills in as many different ways as I possibly could.

We can't recommend Steve highly enough and would be glad to speak to any prospective clients considering employing his services.

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Bathroom Testimonial
From Vikki H