10 Budget small bathroom ideas to transform your space

It can be hard enough to find ideas for a small bathroom sometimes, but when you have a budget as well it can feel impossible. Our experts here have searched high and low to bring you 10 budget small bathroom ideas.

1. Combine bathroom fixtures

You may think having a small bathroom is just one big curse, but when it comes to bathrooms on the cheaper side, a smaller bathroom typically needs less money spent on it. With that said, one of the best small bathroom ideas on a budget is combination bathroom furniture such as combination vanities.

When you combine the toilet with a vanity unit and basin it’s like getting a ‘2 for the price of 1’ kind of deal which means you save money. The other benefit of having a combination toilet and vanities is that you also save space; making this an excellent idea to consider.

2. Use corner spaces

It doesn’t matter which room we’re talking about, the corners in most rooms in the home are wasted. When space is a luxury it doesn’t matter about wastage, but when you’re working with a small space such as a bathroom it can make a huge difference.

There is a huge range of bathroom fixtures which are designed to make the most of corners. One great idea is to think about adding an offset quadrant shower enclosure into the corner of your small bathroom. These offset enclosures are slightly larger than quadrant shower enclosures which means they offer a totally luxurious experience. If you prefer to have a bath then you might want to consider a corner bath instead. Can’t sacrifice one for the other? In that case, a corner shower bath is the best solution!

3. Free up floor space

In a small bathroom, it’s important to refrain from cluttering up the room. Wall-mounted furniture and fixtures are not just a stylish idea, but they also utilise your walls rather than your floor; which creates the illusion of more space and also makes cleaning easier as you don’t need to battle with your hoover and mop for elbow room.

There is a long list of wall-hung fixtures for small bathrooms, although one of the most popular options is a wall-hung vanity unit. You can find a wide range of cheap wall-hung bathroom furniture and fixtures such as wall-hung toilets and basins at discount prices.

4. Decorate walls with tiles

If you want to increase the perception of space in a bathroom it pays to have a lot of reflective surfaces. This makes ceramic tiles, especially those with a gloss finish, ideal for adding style and reflectability.

One trick to get a larger, more open feel in a small bathroom with tiles is to use a dark colour on the floor and then a light colour for the walls. A dark tiled floor creates a reference point for the eye and the contrasting light tile colours around it give the room a larger appearance.

5. Make sure your bathroom is well lit

One of the cheapest small bathroom ideas is to add some lighting. The brighter your bathroom the larger it will appear to be. What’s more, there are lots of ways to increase the light in your bathroom without spending a fortune.

You can find some very stylish bathroom lighting for any budget. A small bathroom doesn’t require huge lights and small simple lighting with a chrome finish (remember those reflective surfaces we spoke about) will have a huge impact. Look for LED lighting which is energy efficient and will help save money on your electricity bills!

6. Use underfloor heating and save wall space

When you’re looking to get the hottest deals in your bathroom it pays to go for energy-saving items. Underfloor heating is a great option for those looking to save money on their heating bills and it’s hidden under the floor which means there are fewer fixtures to add to the room thus giving you more space.

Underfloor heating would be the ideal solution if you’re planning a new floor. As the name suggests it goes underneath the floor, so if you need to take up the current floor to install it then this may not be feasible on a lot of smaller budgets. If this is the case then simply opt for a radiator instead.

7. Storage ideas to reflect on

When there isn’t a lot of space in your bathroom it pays to combine items where possible. One way of getting both of these things is to add a mirrored bathroom cabinet. They’re super-stylish and help keep bottles, tubes and whatever else you may have lying around hidden away in one tidy place.

8. Do away with the bath

It may sound crazy to advise you to remove the bath from your small bathroom, but they take up a lot of space. Try adding a frameless shower enclosure if you really want to create more room.

A frameless enclosure will reduce the obstruction of light which will help make the bathroom feel roomier. Opt for a compact shower enclosure if you’re bathroom is tiny, although removing a bath should give you ample space for a larger shower enclosure. Sliding shower doors are also recommended in small bathrooms as a hinged door may restrict your movement.

9. Throwing your money down the toilet

A short projection toilet has less depth than a standard toilet therefore it doesn’t take up as much space; making it a perfect idea for small bathrooms.

10. Consider a bath shower screen

A great idea is to have a bath glass screen instead of a curtain. The screen will allow the room to breathe and feel way more spacious. If you’re thinking of replacing a bath with a shower then a great idea could be a walk in shower. This small bathroom idea will really open your bathroom whilst providing highly practical and stylish feature which doesn’t have to cost the earth!

We hope you have enjoyed finding inspiration in these 10 small bathroom ideas on a budget and feel free to share them with somebody who may also find them helpful. If your budget isn’t as small as your bathroom then you could also take a look at even more small bathroom ideas that we recently covered!


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