Quality Kitchens in Nottingham

Quality kitchens design with a touch of genius..

Quality Kitchens in Nottingham

We can design, plan, and install the kind of quality kitchen that will make you want to learn to roll sushi, bake olive bread, make madeleines. We will plan and integrate the appliances that make it all as easy as pie.

The kitchen has almost become the main room of the house these days. With TVs in every room and busy lives to contend with, it’s the one place where everyone seems to gather, so go on – give your kitchen a great big hug.


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Quality Kitchens Nottingham

If you’ve been faced with the usual trawl round the local retail park or met the fitted kitchen salesperson who is determined to sell you ‘the latest thing’ then you’ll soon begin to recognise a pattern.

Many kitchen retailers simply cannot see the job right through. You may suddenly find yourself dealing with other kitchen fitters who are not familiar (or too familiar) with the kitchen they are fitting.

We design quality kitchens in Nottingham

This is where we differ:

1st Bathroom and Kitchens will….

  • Have lots of Ideas
  • Real choices
  • We offer a total design, sourcing and fitting service by the same team


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No idea what you want? Bespoke Kitchen Design in Nottingham

A modern kitchen with traditional touches, a traditional kitchen with modern touches – you don’t have to compromise.

We will listen to your ideas and work them into a functional, beautiful kitchen that you will be proud of many years into the future.

Quality Kitchens in Nottingham

Fitted kitchen design, expert kitchen fitting and fitted kitchen installation in Nottingham

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