Put the ooooo back into your bathroom

Put the ooooo back into your bathroom

We all lead such busy lives these days, when we do get time to relax in the bath it’s good to say oooo!

Not every bathroom I design involves a complete fit-out. There are occasions when I’m required to work around existing fittings or features. Luckily I have the support of some great suppliers and my knowledge and experience of interior design allows me to be pretty imaginative when it comes to materials and finishes.

Fitting a bathroom in a contemporary loft or penthouse can present as many challenges as working in a listed country house. Likewise, choosing the right materials for a make-over is just as important as selecting the right equipment that will need to work with older hot water supply systems.

The growing trend for freestanding baths is a case in point. I recently fitted one in a top floor apartment, replacing what had been an integrated suite. The problem of the gap left where the tiles finished and also of how to get the water to the freestanding bath in a modern apartment (without ripping absolutely everything out) was overcome with some nifty carpentry and some very neat plumbing! The client was more than satisfied at now being able to look over the rooftops of Nottingham whilst enjoying her bath and slurping a large glass of red!

That’s how you put the oooo back into your bathroom!

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