Trends for 2014 – Spa Baths and Accessibility

Trends for 2014 – Spa Baths and Accessibility

According to research released from the National Kitchen and Bath Association bathroom styles in the US are changing and whatever happens over there, soon finds its way into the UK…

The 2014 Bathroom Trends survey says baths that are contemporary, spa-like, accessible and easy to maintain are gaining popularity. Bathrooms are becoming “Zen-like retreats” said John Petrie…..

In the UK we are seeing similar trends, but not on the same physical scale as the US. Don’t let that stop you getting the bathroom of your spa-like drems however. I’ve designed and fitted some very luxurious bathrooms in some very tight spaces – for instance, check out this beautiful shower enclosure for Mrs C in Burton Joyce, Nottingham…

If you’re looking for a spa-like bathroom call me now on 07815 453 729 and see what we can do? For people of limited mobility I’ve got loads of ideas to make bathing easier and more relaxing.

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