Wall and Floor Tiles

Wall and Floor Tiles are attracting at long last much deserved attention

Glamour, glitz, shiny, matt and practical are on trend this year. Wall and Floor Tiles are attracting at long last much deserved attention.

Who says you can’t party in your bathroom or kitchen or anywhere you ever you chose to have wall or floor tiles.

Hexagons are back in vogue, Yes we said it too!! Hexagons are back at 1st Bathrooms and Kitchens Nottingham, we are just loving the way the light catches this neat trendy little number below in brushed satin finish real luxuary. 

Je t’aime.

Wall and Floor Tiles

Wall and floor tiles in traditional patterns, plain tiles that can be used to create vibrant designs on walls and floors.

The photo shows a tile from the RANK country brick collection, the pallet is a mainly naturals with each tile with its unique detail, the natural light catches each of the carefully crafted tiles and so attractive when laid like this.

Rank Country Collection

Rank Country Collection, quote “Inspired by pebble dash walls of old forts the hexagonal Gres white body tiles has a unique modern charm. The colour palette consists of light grey, grey, dark grey, beige, dark beige and brown, to characterize the rooms with a truly rustic and yet contemporary look. Apart from residential application areas like kitchens, study, living room and bathroom

Country Brick tile collection can also be used to give warm touch to commercial areas, especially in bars and boutique, or as an element of the finishing touch to fireplaces, interior walls or garden. Perfectly complements with wood and concrete effect inspired porcelain tiles.”


Interesting to know: Grès was a French haute couture fashion house. Parfums Grès is the associated perfume house, which still exists, and is now based in Switzerland.

Aluminium and Copper

Aluminium and copper, something a little different and adding a little extravagant look to your walls and floors. Aluminium gives you the look. I’m confident you can definitely say this is the top of the list if you are wanting a light reflecting, rich and expensive looking walls. We are loving the way these tiles hit the spots. These interlocking strips of pearly textures with hints of silver, greys, stainless steel, brushed aluminium steel blends and shimmer if you love sparkle this is a must.

Versatile in the way you can work with the smaller pieces its possible to design horizontal and vertical designs, edging and all look as good, amazing really!.

Where copper tones lends itself to the industrial look that is so on trend and up to date right now. Warm cosy rays of rose golds and hints of warm cosiness and reflective edges. Teamed with dark Hugh, black, navy blues and peacock green and teal you can create a luxury you can afford to indulge in every day.image

Aluminium and Copper Adding Interest and Texture

Where copper tones lends itself to the industrial look that is so on trend and up to date right now. Warm cosy rays of rose golds and hints of warm cosyness and reflective edges. Teamed with dark Hugh, black, navy blues and peacock green teal and a little gold you can create a luxury you can afford to indulge in every day.

 Wall and Floor Tiles Distressed Wood

Wall and Floor Tiles Distressed Wood Who would have guessed these were ceramic tiles and not real wood? Hard wearing, soft on the eye these lovely distressed wood effect ceramic tiles. all of which are designed in the UK and available at 1st Bathrooms and Kitchens, great news. Chevrons in Wood Grains and solid colours can be installed in the traditional herringbone patterns like the above photo. Easy to keep clean and offering a fabulous and easy relaxed environment who would not love these on their floor or walls.


Interesting to know: Parquet (from the French “a small compartment”) is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring. Parquet patterns are often entirely geometrical and angular—squares, triangles, lozenges—but may contain curves. The most popular parquet flooring pattern is herringbone

Dune’s Emporio Collection

Dune’s Emporio Collection An example of Terrazzo, a 200 x 200 format tile. To get the most authentic and traditional effect, should be laid all mixed up in a random style. You can say these stunning little pretty mosaics are as chic as the history of the Italian buildings they are inspired by. The small stone tesserae are painstakingly placed on to a strengthened cement backing before being polished to a gloriously tactile soft finish. In grays and pale wishy washy stunning effect, we can say these are a true work of art reproducing a traditional technique, soft and smooth to touch in a modern way the result delivering a true piece for us modern living people to treasure for many years also.

Emporio This tile size is also available in plain formats that can be installed in a more conventional style.image


Interesting to know: tesserae: a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic. “Roman remains including tesserae have been found” (in ancient Greece and Rome) a small tablet of wood or bone used as a token.

Research indicates that there is a strong improve not move of culture and sophisticated choice in the UK that is helping to stimulate the tile market. We are finding more and more Printed and hand painted Porcelain and Ceramic’s that appear to be dominating the product mix that is now being offered in showrooms all around the UK from all walks of distributors and suppliers. A continuous demand for natural stone and natural slate from discerning clients. A healthy demand and fabulous selection is very good for our customers.


Travertine Looking for something completely different check out the Cuban Collection from Gemini.


Hard wearing and durable, practical and easy to clean and available in Silver, White and Black These versatile and good-looking tiles can be installed in a tradition design or completely random or with a defined edge like in the photo. For walls and floor these handpicked from collection of the world’s best manufacturers, features an exclusive range of unique and diverse tiles only available through the Gemini brand. The unique collection features an exclusive range of innovative designs, chose from classic to contemporary. How fabulous they offer a full range of bathroom tiles, ceramic floor tiles. A full range of kitchen tiles and include glass, mosaic and natural stone tiles in their amazing range.

The Gemini collection is such a diverse range to suit everyone’s style, colour and lifestyle. They also come in a variety of sizes what more do you need to achieve the desired look you wish for.

Random Patterned Tiles

Also, on trend in pastels and strong colours and many different designs and patterns. These tiles just add the country feel in an instant and flow with no reason or rhyme easy going and looking stunning in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, conservatory’s or family rooms go for it feel the trend. Be you and live life and boldly go.


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