Introducing Quooker Taps

Instant Boiling Water at Your Fingertips

Introducing quooker taps, are you tired of waiting for the kettle to boil every time you need a cup of tea or coffee? Have you ever wished you could instantly get boiling water for cooking pasta or blanching vegetables? Look no further! Let’s dive into the world of Quooker taps – the revolutionary kitchen accessory that brings convenience and efficiency to a whole new level.

The Innovation that Changed Kitchens Forever

Quooker taps, created by the visionary Dutch company Quooker BV, have transformed the way we access hot water in the kitchen. The term “Quooker” is a fusion of “quick” and “cooker,” perfectly encapsulating the primary feature of these taps – instant boiling water on demand. Say goodbye to the traditional kettle and hello to a time-saving, energy-efficient solution.

Boiling Water on Tap: How Does it Work?

The magic behind Quooker taps lies in their ingenious design. These taps are connected to a reservoir that keeps the water heated and ready to dispense at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). With a simple turn of the tap handle, hot water flows instantly, catering to all your boiling water needs.

Unparalleled Convenience in the Kitchen

Quooker taps offer unparalleled convenience in the kitchen, making various tasks a breeze. Here are some ways they can transform your culinary experience:

A Cup of Tea or Coffee in a Flash

Craving a hot beverage to kickstart your day? Quooker taps provide boiling water in seconds, ensuring you get your tea or coffee fix without any waiting time.

Quick Cooking

Preparing meals that require boiling water, such as pasta or rice dishes, becomes significantly faster with Quooker taps. No more waiting for water to boil on the stove – it’s readily available right at your fingertips.

Vegetables in a Jiffy

Want to blanch vegetables for your stir-fry or salads? Quooker taps make it easy to blanch them quickly and efficiently, retaining their vibrant colours and nutrients.

Safety First: Built-In Safeguards

With such instant access to boiling water, safety is a top priority. Quooker taps come equipped with various safety features:

Childproof Double-Push-and-Turn Handle

The taps have a childproof handle that requires a specific action to activate, preventing accidental scalding.

Insulated Spout

The spout of the tap is insulated to ensure it remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns.

Warning Light

A warning light on the tap indicates when the water is at boiling temperature, alerting users to exercise caution.

Energy Efficiency: A Greener Choice

In addition to providing convenience, Quooker taps are designed to be energy-efficient. The taps use a patented high-vacuum insulation system, reducing standby energy consumption and making them an environmentally friendly choice for your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Quooker Tap for Your Kitchen

Quooker offers a variety of models to suit different kitchen setups and preferences. Some models even provide options for cold and sparkling water alongside boiling water. When considering a Quooker tap, ensure your kitchen has a dedicated cold water supply and a power socket nearby to connect the tap’s heating unit.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your Quooker tap performing optimally and ensuring water quality, regular maintenance is crucial. This includes periodic replacement of the filter cartridge, which helps maintain the tap’s efficiency.


Quooker taps have redefined convenience and efficiency in the kitchen, delivering instant boiling water for your various culinary needs. With safety features, energy efficiency, and a range of models to choose from, Quooker taps are a must-have addition for modern kitchens. Embrace the innovation that changed kitchens forever and experience the ease of having boiling water on tap, right at your fingertips.



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