Classic and simple bathing and showering

It’s not often I get the chance to enthuse about a bath, so please smile and enjoy this article.

Made in Britain the L shaper shower bath is a classic and popular choice of bath in any bathroom. It’s larger than it’s smaller P shaped sibling and can offer significant benefits especially with it’s spacious over bath shower. 

Only now it’s possible to add EASE OF ACCESS to this list and provide a bath that meets a specification for users who are abled and partially abled who don’t have space for a separate walk-in shower and bath. 

Developed and available now from British manufacturer the new Bath Easy range offers solutions that deliver. Bath Easy baths meet all the needs, from walk-in shower baths to deep soak baths. 

Picture Bath Easy Bath 


Did you know that only 7% of homes in the UK meet basic accessibility needs

Our care homes accommodate only 3.2% of this need leaving the majority of elderly people living in mainstream housing?

With age come aches n pains, often a lack of mobility and for many debilitating problems with frail and fragile bodies, frustration, poor quality of life and more. So with a reliable, robust and accessible method of bathing, giving ease of access to both bath and shower in what can only be termed classic or small bathrooms. I am happy to offer solutions that will help you enhance and maintain a better quality of life.  Enjoy your bathroom, with a shower and a bath while offering independence to all.

You may well question what the catch is but I really can’t see one.

We offer a proven product from a caring and established UK manufacturer and installer offering:-

  • Good warranty
  • Proven quality
  • Proven service and after service
  • A Which Trusted Trader 

What’s not to like?     

Independent living and dignity can be achieved after all, with Bath Easy! 

With the added benefit of the walk-in shower bath comes flexibility, with multi-generations living under one roof, a new shower bath might just be a solution that you feel will work best in your home for everyone!

Let me know your scenario and let’s see what solutions we are able to offer you?

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