Why are Walk-in Showers so popular?

Why are Walk-in Showers so popular?

Walk-in showers can help you create a spa style bathroom without the added cost and technicality of installing a fully drained wet room.

Here at 1st Bathrooms, we create initial designs that use standard shower enclosures and shower screens.  Walk in showers can be tailored to meet the needs of different users.  We can also offer bespoke screens and enclosures when a standard product is not entirely suitable for your needs.

Walk-in showers use shower trays which are constructed to last, being both durable and sturdy.  They can normally be installed directly onto a rigid, flat and level floor surface.  It is normal for daily temperatures rise and fall, and this change in temperature can cause our homes to move slightly.  The modern low level shower tray is made as a single item and it is constructed to be tolerant of movement in the property. The seals we use to keep the tray watertight are also designed to move with the property and ensure that water is directed to the tray waste.

It is reassuring to know that level access trays are now becoming more commercially available as standard products.The standard height of a walk-in shower tray is around 40mm but it can be lower if a 25mm tray is used. Our experience shows that a low level tray is a major advantage to most users. If you need a level entry shower, I would normally create a tiled wet room floor for you, using hospital grade formers and non-slip tiles. We also offer non slip low level shower trays.

Installing a walk-in shower with a low level tray is relatively simple and it minimises the time that you might be without the use of your shower.

Where a low level walk-in shower replaces a bath, in some bathrooms or wet rooms, and especially where pipes have been installed under a bath and above the floor, we can user a riser kit that lifts the low level tray up 90mm clear of the floor. We use the riser kit when we know that moving existing pipework is neither straight forward nor a viable.

Whatever your needs, we feel certain that we have the solutions for you.  Your new walk in shower can be installed with the minimum or fuss, creating maximum advantage for you and your family.

For mor information about walk in showers and mobility bathroom designs, contact our walk in shower specialist or call us 0115 952 5633.

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